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POSTED ON: 01/11/2017

POSTED ON: 01/11/2017

Said Krause about Season 2, “The lines get blurred between these two in legitimate and illegitimate way.”

The Catch EP Allan Heinberg mentioned that the case work of the week for Vaughn’s AVI firm “was really challenging” in Season 1, but he felt he “owed the network and the audience the case of the week.”

“They became hard to break every week and took an enormous amount of real estate in the script,” he said. “These cases weren’t allowing me to get to know the characters as well as I wanted. [In Season 2] AVI only will do cases that explore (Benjamin and Alice’s) backstories and relationship.”


POSTED ON: 01/11/2017

Showrunner Allan Heinberg told reporters Tuesday at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour that the con-man drama starring Peter Krause (Parenthood) and Mireille Enos (The Killing) and produced by Shonda Rhimes will embrace comedy and abandon its procedural element in season two.

“The case work … was really challenging. We were finding out what the show was as we went. I owed the network and audience a ‘case of the week’ every week, and they were hard to break and took up an enormous amount of real estate in the script,” said Heinberg, noting that the cases limited the show’s ability to get to know its central characters and explore the soap elements of their lives.


POSTED ON: 01/04/2017

The Catch (ABC)
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POSTED ON: 03/25/2016

Each week, executive producer Betsy Beers goes behind the scenes of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder in her podcast, Shondaland Revealed — and each week, EW will have an exclusive first listen of the latest episode.

This week, Beers catches up with Mireille Enos, star of the new TGIT series The Catch, to discuss the year-long journey from shooting the pilot to its Thursday night premiere. Enos also details working with prankster Peter Krause, spills her favorite scene in the pilot, and shares a lot of behind-the-scenes tidbits.


POSTED ON: 03/22/2016

Somewhere, a forensic-accounting fraud specialist who spent time illuminating the actress Mireille Enos about the tools of his arcane trade is going to turn on the new ABC series “The Catch” when the first episode airs on Thursday, March 24, and get something of a shock.

Ms. Enos is no longer playing Alice Vaughan, a Chicago-based crime-solving auditor with a sketchy past — her character in the original pilot — but a different Alice Vaughan, now Los Angeles’s most elite private investigator. “He said there’s a forensic accountant club, and they were all so excited to be represented,” Ms. Enos said earnestly. “I hope they’re not too sad.”

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POSTED ON: 03/22/2016

Do you want to play? That’s the catchphrase for “The Catch,” the Shonda Rhimes-produced thriller-drama that’s taking over “How to Get Away with Murder’s” time slot for the rest of the season.

Mireille Enos of “The Killing” fame gets to glam it up here. Instead of the bulky sweaters and jeans she wore on her gritty old show, she now wears some slinky dresses as a partner in a top private security firm in Los Angeles.

The opening of the series finds her character, Alice Vaughan, flirting with dapper fellow at a posh art opening. He uses the distraction to steal her key card, though, and within minutes is making off with a valuable painting. In what is no surprise, we soon see that he is the one who has been had, and Alice — sweet looking but a tough cookie — has knocked him down and is handing him over to the police.

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