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POSTED ON: 06/02/2013

Q: Where were you when you first heard The Killing was coming back to AMC?

A: I was in Atlanta shooting a dark and intense action movie. I was super busy, which I think was a great way to find out that it was coming back. My life was already rich, and then I was like, OK, this is the next cool thing to take on. I had always felt disappointed, because this season’s case was laced all the way through the first two seasons, and it always seemed sad to me that we wouldn’t address that. So that was really exciting, the idea of getting to attack that again.

Q: Is there a side of Linden that you didn’t get to show in previous seasons that you look forward to exploring this time?

A: I don’t know if I had any preconceived idea about that. Linden has spent a year trying to get healthy, so she’s in a much more vulnerable place. It’s created an interesting dynamic, with her being much more open and then stepping back into the police force, and that being very complicated for her.

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