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This last week’s episode of The Catch is added to the Mireille Enos Fan Gallery.

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The Cleaner

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Why the reset?

When we shot the original pilot, it was much darker, moodier and Hitchcockian. And then the producers decided that they wanted it to feel lighter, so there was a reset before we started shooting Season 1. There were very dramatic moments. We were dealing with this betrayal. But also there was a lot of levity, and it felt like that’s where the show was really singing — when we embraced that lighter tone. So (for) Season 2, we did a full commitment to that. It’s very fun and bubbly. There are moments that are bordering on farce.

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LA-based company arrives at AFM with international rights to psychological thriller starring Mireille Enos from executive producers Zachary Quinto and Neal Dodson.

Camille Thoman wrote and directed You Were Never Here, which also stars Sam Shepard, Goran Visnjic, Vincent Piazza and Nina Arianda.

Enos plays an artist who may be taking things too far when she investigates a series of disturbing events and begins to suspect someone is watching her.

Julian Cautherley, Radium Cheung, Bronwyn Cornelius, Corey Moosa, Camille Thoman and Elizabeth Yng-Wong produced. Executive producers Quinto and Dodson produced Margin Call.


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