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POSTED ON: 07/21/2013

I’ve updated Mireille Enos Fan with two stills for tonight’s episode of The Killing.

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POSTED ON: 07/15/2013

Tonight’s episode of The Killing is up in the Mireille Enos Fan Gallery.

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POSTED ON: 07/07/2013

Another gallery update to the Mireille Enos Fan Gallery – caps from her guest role in Without a Trace.

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POSTED ON: 07/06/2013

Thanks to Ryan Reynolds Fan we’ve got some awesome HQ photos of Mireille at Good Morning America lat month.

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POSTED ON: 07/05/2013

Houston’s Monique Enos is one proud mom. As audiences watch the blockbuster movie “World War Z,” they will see Enos’ daughter, Mireille Enos, the auburn-haired wife of Brad Pitt, as she frantically protects her children from a zombie pandemic.

“It was scary, but you’ve got to see it,” Enos said about her daughter’s movie.

What audiences don’t see is the journey that it took for Mireille (pronounced MeeRay) Enos to reach stardom and the mother who stood behind her.

Though French-born Monique Enos always wanted to be an actress herself, she followed a different path when she married her American husband, Jon, and had five children.

While Enos worked as a French and Spanish teacher, she encouraged her children in their talents as they attended Houston’s High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. In addition to Mireille, two of her children became actors, one a dancer, and one a musician and artist.

Mireille Enos caught the acting bug early. “She always knew that she wanted to be an actress,” her mother said.

At Mireille Enos’ childhood home in Sugar Land, her mother reminisced with 30-year-old scrapbooks, online albums and photos of her famous daughter hanging on the walls.

“She was inspired by theater at a young age when she went to see her older siblings in (high school) plays,” Enos said.

At HSPVA she developed a talent for theater, not only in acting but in costume and set design. Enos recalled the days of commuting to HSPVA on her way to work, then staying late to pick her daughter up from play practice. She also helped her daughter practice her lines and made sure she attended to her home-study seminary class for the Mormon church.

“She was a hard worker and always got good grades,” Enos said.

Mireille Enos received a first-place scholarship award in the Musicfest Theater Art competition for her role as Anne Frank during her senior year.

read the full interview

POSTED ON: 07/05/2013

I’ve updated the Mireille Enos Fan Gallery with two stills from this week’s episode of The Killing.

Mireille Enos Fan Gallery > The Killing > Season 3 > Episode Stills

POSTED ON: 07/01/2013

Mireille Enos Fan Gallery > The Killing > Season 3 > 306 “Eminent Domain”

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