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You do Tae Kwon Do, so how much did you enjoy kicking a zombie in the face?
Oh, that was so fun! That was so satisfying! It was like my only super-toughie moment in the movie, and it was really fun.
And you apparently have really powerful feet for your size?
Yes! It’s funny that you know that about me. I’m only five-foot-two but I wear size eight shoes, which is proportionally quite large. Do you wear an eight? It’s actually not a bad size to wear. It’s easy to find shoes, and I can share with lots of my girlfriends. Peter Sarsgaard and I were sitting on set [for The Killing] one day, and I saw him staring at my feet. He was like, “You have almost the same size feet as my wife, but you’re so short!” It was so funny.
Do you feel like there’s a zombie theme going on in your work because The Killing got resurrected?
It must be a theme for me, dead things that come back. Although I think the audience of The Killing would be very surprised if the killer this season turned out to be a zombie, if that’s the route we took. We’d be creepy copycats!

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She says one of the most terrifying moments in her career was kissing Brad Pitt, which kind of makes you want to live in one of Mireille Enos’s nightmares.

The Emmy-nominated star of AMC’s The Killing says she had to kiss Pitt on the second day of shooting World War Z, which not only raised the stakes of the on-screen romance between their characters, it reminded everyone involved that they weren’t just making an epic zombie movie. They were telling a human story.

“A person would have to live in a cave not to know Brad is one of our bigger stars, but what makes him so wonderful is that he is a down-to-earth normal guy,” says Enos.

“As soon as we met, that was clear. He put me at ease, as he does with everyone. And from that moment on, it just felt like a collaboration.”

Though plagued by rumours of cost overruns and production snags, Enos says the nasty gossip surrounding the multi-million-dollar adaptation of Max Brooks’s book is just hype and giddy malevolence – the product of a shallow, jealous industry.

“There was always the awareness that it was a very large story we were trying to tell. That it was very ambitious. And that the script was constantly evolving as we were trying to figure out what the best way of adapting the novel might be,” she says.

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I’ve added a big bunch of photos to the Mireille Enos Fan Gallery from last night’s World War Z New York Premiere.

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