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Mireille Enos Fan Gallery > The Killing > Season One > 101 “Pilot”
Mireille Enos Fan Gallery > The Killing > Season One > 102 “The Cage”
Mireille Enos Fan Gallery > The Killing > Season One > 103 “El Diablo”
Mireille Enos Fan Gallery > The Killing > Season One > 104 “A Soundless Echo”

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Working through the different guest roles Mireille has done, and I’ve added caps from her CSI Miami guest spot.

Mireille Enos Fan Gallery > Television > Guest Spots > CSI Miami “Down to the Wire”

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Small update for this morning – I’ve added two of Mireille’s headshots to the gallery.

Mireille Enos Fan Gallery > Headshots

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This week’s episode of the Killing is capped and added to the Mireille Enos Fan Gallery.

Mireille Enos Fan Gallery > Television > The Killing > 301 “The Jungle” & 302 “That You Fear the Most”

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BIG update to the Mireille Enos Fan Gallery – over 80 photos from the World War Z – World Premiere.

Mireille Enos Fan Gallery > Events > 2013 > 06-02: Muse Perform At World War Z – World Premiere
Mireille Enos Fan Gallery > Events > 2013 > 06-02: The World War Z World Premiere

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POSTED ON: 06/04/2013

The Killing kicked off its third season Sunday with respectable numbers.
AMC’s resurrected drama drew an average 1.8 million viewers over the course of its two-hour premiere, on par with its Season 2 debut in April 2012 and up an impressive 20 percent from its Season 2 finale.

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ot since David Lynch’s Twin Peaks (1990–91) has a whodunit captured television audiences the way AMC’s The Killing has. Mireille Enos plays Sarah Linden, the complicated, obsessive detective driven to find the killer of a teenage girl in Seattle. Enos’s Linden is rarely seen out of a variety of bulky Fair Isle sweaters, of which the actress remarks, “I think they have two versions of each sweater, but there’s the ‘favorite one’ I wore for, like, four episodes—I hated that sweater by the end!” The Killing, which had the daring to take two full years to solve the murder, earned Enos an Emmy nomination the first season. “People love a thriller, but also there’s this rich character development, and because of the luxury of only working on one case for two seasons you get to live with these people, and through all the betrayals,” says Enos. The Killing, which got picked up for a third season, returns on June 2.

After attending Brigham Young University as a theater major, Enos appeared on Broadway in 2005 as Honey in a revival of Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and earned a Tony nomination. For three years she played the memorable role(s) of the good and bad twins Kathy and JoDean Marquart on the HBO series Big Love. In January of this year, Enos stepped out of the sweater and into the 1940s as Josh Brolin’s wife in Warner Bros.’ Gangster Squad. In her new film, World War Z, the highly anticipated apocalyptic zombie film from Paramount, which opens this month, she gets to play wife to another gorgeous leading man, who is featured on this month’s cover: Brad Pitt.


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