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New stills are added to the Mireille Enos Fan Gallery from the last episode of The Catch.

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This week, Beers catches up with The Catch star Mireille Enos, who breaks down the season 2 premiere, in which Grey’s Anatomy alum T.R. Knight makes his return to Shondaland as Tommy, the brother of Alice Vaughan. Enos also teases huge complications ahead for Alice, as well as what’s next in this new working dynamic between Alice and Margot (Sonya Walger).


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Alice and Benjamin are in love and fully committed to each other this season. What does that do to the romantic cat-and-mousecapades that this show was built on?
Instead of conspiring against each other, Alice and Benjamin now find that the world is conspiring against them, so it’s still hard for them to live life as a normal couple. Pete and I always wanted this show to be more like Moonlighting, with our characters fighting bad guys together. With lots of personal squabbles, of course.


POSTED ON: 03/09/2017

Why the reset?

When we shot the original pilot, it was much darker, moodier and Hitchcockian. And then the producers decided that they wanted it to feel lighter, so there was a reset before we started shooting Season 1. There were very dramatic moments. We were dealing with this betrayal. But also there was a lot of levity, and it felt like that’s where the show was really singing — when we embraced that lighter tone. So (for) Season 2, we did a full commitment to that. It’s very fun and bubbly. There are moments that are bordering on farce.

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