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The Killing alum is returning to the small screen with the starring role in ABC drama pilot The Catch, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.
The Catch is described as a thriller about a woman about to get married and about to get conned. Unbeknownst to her slippery fiancé, the heroine — who investigates fraud for a living — is not all she claims to be. And when the fiancé’s expertly planned con collides with her perfectly constructed lies, they plunge into a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Based on the novel from Kate Atkinson.


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I’ve updated the Mireille Enos Fan Gallery with the caps from Mireille’s role in “Devil’s Knot.”

Mireille Enos Fan Gallery > Movies > Devil’s Knot > Screencaptures

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New screencaptures in the Mireille Enos Fan Gallery from “If I Stay” – Thanks to Holly.

Mireille Enos Fan Gallery > Movies > If I Stay > Screencaptures

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Friday, Sept. 12 at 3 p.m. — Day 2 of Ellen’s American Ninja Warrior Challenge, & Harry Connick, Jr.

The obstacles will be more insane, intense and through the roof as ALLISON JANNEY and ANNA FARIS take on Ellen’s American Ninja Warrior challenge! Then, back to kick it with Ellen, HARRY CONNICK, JR. swings by! Every time the actor, musician and “American Idol” judge sits down with Ellen, she hears something new and absolutely hilarious. Whether he’s writing her a song, performing stories from her book, or toasting tea with Sophia Grace & Rosie, Harry loves to surprise Ellen, and she always returns the gesture. Plus, the star of one of Ellen’s favorite television shows, “The Killing,” MIREILLE ENOS makes her debut on the show.

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Mireille Enos Fan Gallery > Events > 2014 > 08-20: “If I Stay” – Los Angeles Premiere

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TVLINE | Was it always your intention for Linden and Holder to pair up romantically in the end?
There were many different possibilities for how the story of Linden and Holder would end. That was one of them that we started to discuss at the beginning of this season, and that felt right. From the very beginning, I knew that her journey would have to end in a place of uneasy peace, where there were no good guys, there were no bad guys. There was a truce that she had to make with the world as it is versus the way she wanted the world to be. I always knew that finding that peace would be an inner journey at the very end for her. Holder says, “It’s not ghosts in front of you, it’s not the dead.” And that revelation of who is standing in front of her and who’s in her life was something that I instinctually knew [I wanted to get to] from the very beginning. I didn’t know it necessarily would be Holder. But seeing what’s in front of her and being present of that — the beauty of the world — was the place I wanted Sarah to get to at the end of her story. That’s one reason that visual of her standing in front of that beautiful cityscape in the main titles has been a recurring image over and over. It transforms over the course of the series. It’s a city of the dead that she’s looking at. And, in the end, it’s a city — ultimately — of the living. And that’s where she belongs.


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What qualities does a remarkable man or woman possess?

I think they’re the same qualities. A remarkable person is intelligent. They combine that intelligence with generosity and humility. They use their power to affect change for good even if on the smallest scale. They’re patient. They’re funny. They work hard.

What is success?

Being clear about the various aspects of your life that are important and keeping them in balance. Giving enough time and energy to each. Seeing growth in each. Going to bed tired because of the good work you’ve done. Expanding your mind. Making the people around you smile.


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